At 4 Leaf Performance, we don’t just see businesses; we see dreams, aspirations, and a relentless drive to succeed. We craft tailored solutions, each a unique composition aligning with the distinct needs of our clients. With us, success is a continual journey, not just a target. Let us orchestrate your business success story, where each accomplishment is celebrated.

Choose 4 Leaf Performance, and you’re not merely opting for a service. You’re engaging in a partnership defined by business success, innovation, and consistent growth. Together, let’s set the global business stage alight with our collaborative symphony.


Annually, our mission propels 100 businesses towards achieving and even surpassing their goals in team dynamism, revenue, and profitability via expert coaching. We’re dedicated to mentoring 250 emerging business owners every year, providing essential business insights through interactive courses and impactful seminars. Furthermore, our unique Why.OS Discovery process aims to touch the lives of 1,000 individuals, assisting them in recognizing their core purpose.


At our core, we uphold the values of honesty and integrity. Our commitment is to unwaveringly speak the truth and deliver on every promise we make. Our agreements, whether with ourselves or others, are grounded in the intent and capacity to follow through.


We thrive as both team players and leaders, rallying together to conquer challenges and attain shared objectives. Our approach centers on collaboration, seeking resolutions that satisfy all parties involved rather than settling for compromises. We extend and request assistance with a spirit of compassion and unity.


Through our products and services, we consistently generate exceptional value that endures over time. We stand accountable for our own actions and work hand-in-hand with our clients, ensuring the meticulous execution of their plans and aspirations.


We embrace life as an enriching journey meant to be relished and valued. By fostering an environment of joy and contentment, we aim to share this sentiment with everyone we touch, spreading happiness to those around us.

don't just take our word for it



Feeling lost in the hustle without knowing your true 'why'?

Listen in to a heartfelt conversation with 4 Leaf Performance Owner and Coach Andrew Lamb and Tyler Downing, where they tackle the crucial journey of discovering your 'why'. Tyler opens up about the transformative power of this discovery, guiding him through the complexities of leadership and personal growth.



Are you seeking clarity and direction in your personal and professional life?

Join us for a compelling discovery call within the WHY.os framework, where Donald Reynolds, accompanied by 4 Leaf Performance Owner and Coach Andrew Lamb, tackles the profound journey of uncovering his 'why'. This session is more than just a conversation; it's an insightful exploration into the power of purpose and its impact on our lives.


4 Leaf Performance has been the guidance we sought as a new company.

The coaching methods 4 Leaf Performance implements pushes us to be a better company. We are able to meet our goals with a clear unintimidating plan. Andrew is motivating and kind, and we are grateful to have met him!

Heather Derickson & Rebecca West / Infusion Care Group

4 Leaf Performance is exactly what they stand for.

When I first started, I was so lost and overwhelmed because there is so much that goes into being a business owner. He (Andrew) helped me gain the confidence and structure for my business. 4 Leaf Performance is very helpful with strategy, accountability and overall growth personally and for your business. I am very thankful for everything I have learned and cannot recommend 4 Leaf Performance enough if you feel you’re stuck in your business or life.

Maggie Gaynor,
Owner at Mood All Good

As someone who is in the early stages of launching my business, this is exactly what I needed.

Andrew is a great business coach and mentor who personalizes the coaching to your specific needs and stages of the business.

He has provided great insight and direction and I look forward to continuing working with him.

Kate Barton,
Owner at Kate Barton Design


We started with 4 Leaf Performance in 2021, and since then we have grown our business from 125 students to over 300 students, expanding from 1 school to 2 schools & another in progress! I was also recognized as the 2023 SBA/SCORE Houston District Rural Business Owner of the Year.

This would not have happened without my wonderful team and Andrew coaching us on what we needed to do to improve the business.

Kaye Boehning / Owner at TPMS


Andrew is knowledgeable, professional, witty, and tactical.

What does all that mean? You get someone who is in your corner who can both help you see the angles your missing, help you see that direction, and have a good time doing it.

Listen, you've probably worked with someone who has to tell you how much they know and speaks to you like they think you don't know what you're doing (even if you don't). That's not what you get here. You get professional-to-professional coaching and accountability so you can make moves with your business/organization.

Kyle Shutic / Executive Director at Project Zero Alliance


I have been on the search for a coach for some time now. I felt like some of my past coaches have given me a lot of fluff and no action. Andrew and the team at 4 Leaf Performance are definitely all action and no fluff, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I started working with Andrew and 4 Leaf Performance at the end of the last year (2022). The 1:1 sessions, yearly and quarterly planning, and additional support opportunities; all of these have set me up for my 2023 goal and beyond with a support system behind me that not only believes in the crazy goals I have set up for myself and my business but has allowed me to get clear on exactly what action steps I need to take in order to reach these goals.

I cannot wait to look back on this year once I have worked with Andrew for the entirety of this year and see how I have accomplished more than I could have dreamed. If you are on the fence about 4 Leaf Performance, I encourage you to take the leap and see where this team takes you!

Dr. Morgan Iles / Owner and Truly Chiropractic



From its inception, 4 Leaf Performance has showcased an unmatched blend of agility and insight. Within a mere span of two years, our dedication and innovative strategies cemented our position among the top 40 global firms in the ActionCOACH community — a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

But for us, the journey was never about ticking boxes. It was about creating meaning and adding value. The WHY Philosophy, a brainchild birthed in the vibrant city of Houston, was more than a guiding principle. It was a transformative idea, challenging the status quo and delving deeper than the superficial ‘What’ and ‘How’.

This unique approach wasn’t just about strategies and numbers; it was about the soul of the business. It rejuvenated weary organizational structures, unlocking hidden potentials and spurring businesses onto paths of growth they had only dreamed of — all while ensuring solutions were bespoke to each client’s distinct requirements.


Houston was only the beginning of our global story. With an unwavering spirit, 4 Leaf Performance ventured overseas, harmonizing the vibrant energy of American innovation with the refined elegance of European methodologies in cities like Dublin and London. And as we expanded, our philosophy grew in resonance. Johannesburg became another beacon of our expanding footprint, further broadening our horizons.

Today, our unique WHY Philosophy doesn’t just whisper; it thunders across continents. From the bustling streets of Houston to the historic lanes of Dublin, from the iconic skyline of London to the vibrant heart of South Africa, our ethos remains: it’s not just about the work, it’s about the WHY that drives us.



Founder and Owner of 4 Leaf Performance


As the Founder of 4 Leaf Performance, I am committed to empowering businesses to excel and evolve. My vision goes beyond mere growth; it’s about creating a strategic pathway that leads to excellence.

With over two decades of global executive leadership, my success has been built upon three core principles:

  • Innovation and Improvement: Finding and sharing better ways to accomplish goals sets the foundation for success.
  • Evidence-Based Strategies: Utilizing proven techniques, procedures, and structures that consistently yield results.
  • Value Addition: Ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and adds value to those involved.

These principles have fueled my passion and enabled me to deliver the necessary outcomes for both my personal growth and the businesses I’ve had the privilege to lead.

Before founding 4 Leaf Performance, I spent 25 years at HP, holding key senior executive roles in Global and Regional Customer Service & Solution, Quality, and Transformation. My diverse background also includes significant experience in Retail, Airline, and Banking IT industries.
Currently based in Houston, TX, my personal life is as rewarding as my professional journey. With a loving family that includes my wife of 25 years and 2 accomplished adult children, I find joy in golfing, woodworking, and traveling.

By joining forces with 4 Leaf Performance, you are not just choosing a service; you are opting for a partnership built on experience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Let’s grow together, in a way that’s not just better, but the best.

WHY: Better Way

“I believe that success happens when I find a better way & share it.”

HOW: Right Way

“HOW I do that is by creating and following systems & processes that lead to predictable results.”

WHAT: Contribute

“Ultimately WHAT I bring is a way to contribute and add value (have an impact on the lives of others).”

Natural Style AND Adapted Style: Id

“The Id-style leader seeks to stretch boundaries, find opportunities, and take bold action.”
Traits associated with this personality: friendly, high energy, poised, persuasive, open, ambitious, self-promoting, trusting, influential, impatient, indecisive, adventurous, charismatic!

Fun Fact:

Andrew’s DISC Profile doesn’t change in specific situations!


Chief Executive Officer and Client Relations Officer

Hi y’all!

As the Chief Executive Officer and Client Relations Officer, I have a knack for relationship building, organization, and planning! I earned my bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Professions with a minor in Nutrition from Baylor University, but post grad is where I found my love for business!

Being raised in Ireland, Houston, and Singapore has shaped my love for travel, experiencing new cultures, and trying new food! Other than travel, I love to cook, read, go thrifting, DIY something I saw on TikTok, spend time with family and friends, and find my next favorite artist on Spotify!

WHY: Make Sense

“I believe that success happens when I make sense of the complex and challenging.”

HOW: Mastery

“HOW I do that is by seeking depth, breadth, and details.”

WHAT: Contribute

“Ultimately WHAT I bring is a way to contribute and add value (have an impact on the lives of others).”

Natural Style: DI

“The Di-style leader is pioneering and seeks to stretch boundaries, find opportunities, and focus on results.”
Traits associated with this personality: active, results-oriented, vocal, enthusiastic, and assertive!

Adapted Style: DCi

Efficient, analytical, organized, factual, aware of the consequences of their actions, practical and innovative.


Certified WHY.os Practitioner: Ireland

I believe success happens when I Contribute to the success of others, or a cause greater than my own so my career as a business coach allows me to impact the lives of other business owners across the country. I achieve this by finding a Better Way to do things in their businesses, which can be a real challenge. Ultimately What I bring is a huge amount of trust to every relationship, which allows me to challenge the way things are done in an open and honest environment!

I am the only Certified Practitioner in Ireland by the WHY Institute, to take people through a WHY Discovery to find out exactly WHY they do what they do! When your WHY or your Purpose is Powerful – Your How and WHAT are easy!

I have an MBA in Retailing and a Diploma in Executive Coaching with Neuroscience! I’ve spent over 35 years in retail, starting my working career under the direction of the one and only Fergal Quinn and Superquinn, working I my way up to a manager in the business, and managing stores with annual revenues exceeding €30 million. I have also been involved in franchising with The Bear Factory, with 5 stores operating in Ireland, as well as an owner of a Hair and Beauty business with my wife Roseann before starting my career in business coaching in 2017.


“I believe that success happens when I contribute to a greater cause.”

HOW: Better Way

“HOW I do that is by finding better ways and sharing them.”

WHAT: Trust

“Ultimately WHAT I bring is a trusting relationship where others can count on me.”

Natural Style: SIc

Tend to be friendly, upbeat, and warm-hearted. They enjoy collaboration and go out of their way to make others feel comfortable and included. Si-style people are always ready to offer support. They value harmony, preferring calm environments where everyone is getting along.

Adapted Style: CIS

Des’ unique genius: He is convincing and strives to achieve high-quality results! He is articulate, creative, organized, believable and conscientious. They are a unique blend of creative and critical. They seek the company of others, and strive for perfection! They are convincing, well-researched public speakers, and they are imaginative and creative analysts.


Certified WHY.os Practitioner: England and South Africa

With a WHY.OS of ‘Better Way’ I thrive on helping organizations spot the gaps and move into them, accelerating scale and growth.

As a serial entrepreneur having founded and sold numerous businesses… I have a keen understanding on how to scale and grow great teams! As a student of business, coaching and human behavior, I’m a Master at Aligning TEAMS and getting them to PEAK performance to both their individual benefit and that of the organization. As a WHY.OS Certified Practitioner, I’m dedicated to helping organizations develop ‘High Performing Teams’ through the coaching, and marketing leading behavioral tools like DISC and WHY.OS.

I’m also married with two teenage children while living and working between London, UK and Durban, South Africa with clients across the Globe.

WHY: Better Way

“I believe that success happens when I make sense of the complex and challenging.”

HOW: Clarify

“HOW I do that is by seeking depth, breadth, and details.”

WHAT: Simplify

“Ultimately WHAT I bring is a way to contribute and add value (have an impact on the lives of others).”

Natural Style AND Adapted Style: ID

The ID personality type, or “The Risk Taker”, is characterized by those who are spontaneous, excitement seeking and adventurous. ID is known for their social skills, their enthusiasm and their creativity. These skills makes them appeal to others and allows them to be excellent team players with a focus on action and results.

Traits associated with this personality: friendly, high energy, poised, persuasive, open, ambitious, self-promoting, trusting, influential, impatient, indecisive, adventurous, charismatic!

Fun Fact…

Luke’s DISC Profile doesn’t change in specific situations!