Individuals are the cornerstone of every organization, with DISC acting as the pivotal tool that empowers everyone in your workplace to communicate with more efficacy, collaborate with more synergy, and evolve into vibrant, positive contributors vital for organizational success.


D = Dominance

Individuals primarily in this DiSC quadrant focus on achieving results and have a knack for “visualizing the overarching goal.” They exude confidence and can be straightforward, vocal, and assertive in their approach.

I = Influence

Those mainly in this quadrant are enthusiastic about influencing and connecting with others. They are often optimistic, outgoing, and lively, creating a vibrant atmosphere around them.

S = Steadiness

People in this DiSC quadrant value cooperation and are methodical, composed, and reliable. They are amiable and prefer a stable and harmonious environment, contributing to a balanced workplace.

C = Conscientiousness

Individuals primarily in this quadrant are analytical, precise, and systematic. They are typically diligent and give importance to accuracy and details, ensuring high-quality outcomes.

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Why Use DISC?

The DISC assessments are renowned globally, acting as transformative tools for a multitude of organizations—from extensive government bodies and top Fortune 500 companies to dynamic nonprofits and innovative small businesses. The universal appeal of the DISC assessment lies in its power to fortify working relationships and enhance organizational synergy.

Elevate Workplace Culture

DISC is your partner in fostering a positive and inclusive workplace environment, enabling the development of effective communication and relationship-building strategies that resonate with diverse employee profiles.

Team Building

Leverage DISC to solidify your team’s foundation and unveil collaborative methodologies that align with individual strengths and working styles, ensuring cohesive and productive team dynamics.

Fuel Personal Development

Dive into a journey of self-discovery with the DISC assessment to gain profound insights into your personality and its influence on your personal and professional life, aiding in the development of well-rounded individuals who contribute effectively to their respective roles.



Founder and Owner of 4 Leaf Performance

Natural Style AND Adapted Style: Id

“The Id-style leader seeks to stretch boundaries, find opportunities, and take bold action.”

Traits associated with this personality: friendly, high energy, poised, persuasive, open, ambitious, self-promoting, trusting, influential, impatient, indecisive, adventurous, charismatic!

Fun Fact

Andrew’s DISC Profile doesn’t change in specific situations!


Chief Executive Officer and Client Relations Officer

Natural Style: DI

“The Di-style leader is pioneering and seeks to stretch boundaries, find opportunities, and focus on results.”

Traits associated with this personality: active, results-oriented, vocal, enthusiastic, and assertive!

Adapted Style: DCi

Efficient, analytical, organized, factual, aware of the consequences of their actions, practical and innovative.


Certified WHY.os Practitioner: Ireland

Natural Style: SIc

Tend to be friendly, upbeat, and warm-hearted. They enjoy collaboration and go out of their way to make others feel comfortable and included. Si-style people are always ready to offer support. They value harmony, preferring calm environments where everyone is getting along.

Adapted Style: CIS

Des’ unique genius: He is convincing and strives to achieve high-quality results! He is articulate, creative, organized, believable and conscientious. They are a unique blend of creative and critical. They seek the company of others, and strive for perfection! They are convincing, well-researched public speakers, and they are imaginative and creative analysts.


Certified WHY.os Practitioner: England and South Africa

Natural Style: Id

The ID personality type, or “The Risk Taker”, is characterized by those who are spontaneous, excitement seeking and adventurous. ID is known for their social skills, their enthusiasm and their creativity. These skills makes them appeal to others and allows them to be excellent team players with a focus on action and results.

Traits associated with this personality: friendly, high energy, poised, persuasive, open, ambitious, self-promoting, trusting, influential, impatient, indecisive, adventurous, charismatic!

Fun Fact

Luke’s DISC Profile doesn’t change in specific situations!