As 2023 dawned, 4 Leaf Performance set its sights on uncharted territories, taking a bold leap into the heart of Africa: Johannesburg. Spearheaded by Luke Dillon, this move wasn’t just about growth; it was about envisioning a new chapter, one that recognized and embraced the unique vibrancy and challenges of the African business landscape.

Johannesburg, celebrated as Africa’s economic powerhouse, became the ideal setting for 4 Leaf Performance to extend its global narrative. But with this expansion, Luke wasn’t just setting up another branch; he was crafting a tale of adaptability and innovation in a land ripe with potential and hurdles alike.

Drawing upon his core principles of ‘Clarify’ and ‘Simplify,’ Luke sought to re-imagine the way businesses approach challenges in emerging markets. Rather than applying a one-size-fits-all strategy, he tailored solutions to resonate with Johannesburg’s unique pulse. ‘Clarify’ became his compass to navigate the city’s intricate business terrain, and ‘Simplify’ his tool to carve pathways that are both effective and easy to traverse.

This South African venture symbolized more than just a pin on 4 Leaf Performance’s global map. It was a testament to the company’s spirit of exploration and evolution. With Luke leading the charge, the Johannesburg chapter was crafted to be a symbiosis of global expertise and local wisdom. It represented a commitment to learn, adapt, and co-create solutions with the city’s vibrant business community.

In essence, 4 Leaf Performance’s foray into Johannesburg isn’t just a business move; it’s a story of embracing a new frontier, of integrating with a dynamic city, and of Luke Dillon’s visionary leadership fostering bridges between global methodologies and local nuances.




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Certified WHY.os Practitioner: England and South Africa

With a WHY.os of ‘Better Way’ I thrive on helping organizations spot the gaps and move into them, accelerating scale and growth.

As a serial entrepreneur having founded and sold numerous businesses… I have a keen understanding on how to scale and grow great teams! As a student of business, coaching and human behavior, I’m a Master at Aligning TEAMS and getting them to PEAK performance to both their individual benefit and that of the organization. As a WHY.os Certified Practitioner, I’m dedicated to helping organizations develop ‘High Performing Teams’ through the coaching, and marketing leading behavioral tools like DISC and WHY.os.

I’m also married with two teenage children while living and working between London, UK and Durban, South Africa with clients across the Globe.

WHY: Better Way

“I believe that success happens when I make sense of the complex and challenging.”

HOW: Clarify

“HOW I do that is by seeking depth, breadth, and details.”

WHAT: Simplify

“Ultimately WHAT I bring is a way to contribute and add value (have an impact on the lives of others).”

Natural Style AND Adapted Style: ID

The ID personality type, or “The Risk Taker”, is characterized by those who are spontaneous, excitement seeking and adventurous. ID is known for their social skills, their enthusiasm and their creativity. These skills makes them appeal to others and allows them to be excellent team players with a focus on action and results.

Traits associated with this personality: friendly, high energy, poised, persuasive, open, ambitious, self-promoting, trusting, influential, impatient, indecisive, adventurous, charismatic!

Fun Fact…

Luke’s DISC Profile doesn’t change in specific situations! 


Discover your WHY with a proven, powerful, and simple 15-minute discovery.

Get immediate and accurate results to understand yourself and others at a deeper level, because when you know WHY. WHAT you do has more impact!

I am ready to Discover my WHY.OS

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Feeling lost in the hustle without knowing your true 'why'?

Listen in to a heartfelt conversation with 4 Leaf Performance Owner and Coach Andrew Lamb and Tyler Downing, where they tackle the crucial journey of discovering your 'why'. Tyler opens up about the transformative power of this discovery, guiding him through the complexities of leadership and personal growth.



Are you seeking clarity and direction in your personal and professional life?

Join us for a compelling discovery call within the WHY.os framework, where Donald Reynolds, accompanied by 4 Leaf Performance Owner and Coach Andrew Lamb, tackles the profound journey of uncovering his 'why'. This session is more than just a conversation; it's an insightful exploration into the power of purpose and its impact on our lives.

Our experience with the WHY.os concept and Luke, our WHY.os Certified Coach, was truly transformative for our management team. The accuracy and thought-provoking nature of the results left a lasting impact on us.

The WHY.os provided a comprehensive understanding of our team dynamics, shedding light on both our strengths and weaknesses. It not only highlighted our positive attributes but fearlessly pointed out our faults, offering practical ways to overcome them.

By delving into the core motivations behind our actions, the WHY.os brought our team closer together. It improved our communication and collaboration, creating a stronger sense of alignment and purpose. We now have a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other, leading to a more cohesive and effective team.

The framework of the WHY.os allowed for open and honest conversations, promoting personal and professional growth. It empowered us to address our challenges head-on and find practical solutions. As a result, our teamwork has reached new heights, and we are more motivated than ever to achieve our collective goals.

We are immensely grateful to Luke for introducing us to the WHY.os and guiding us on this transformative journey. It has had a profound impact on our team dynamics and our ability to thrive. Thank you, Luke, for empowering us with this powerful tool and helping us reach new heights.

Grant Maddock & Co - Chartered Accountants

Like most business owners we didn’t like to admit we needed a coach, but I was always intrigued as to what it was.

"Luke doesn’t waste time, it’s not like let’s sit down & glorify what you have done, it’s quite black & white, it’s like – Are you going to do this? And it has stopped me procrastinating. There has been growth in a number of areas. Some may have happened organically, but it would have taken much longer. It speeds up the process, putting systems in place & making people accountable. From a personal side it has calmed me down, it’s re-assured me. My stress levels are lower and now, I know how to separate the urgent from the important.”

Craik Speirs,
Craik Speirs Hair Company

Coaching highlights for me have been – getting structure!

We all have these hopes & dreams, but since working with Luke, it has re-ignited that fire! I’d definitely recommend coaching.

Tim Hodgkinson,
Valley Farming

I’ve been coaching with Luke for 2 years; we’ve just grown in heaps and are growing forward. I think the most important thing is the accountability he holds us too.

The great thing about a business coach is he addresses how to look after & grow your business from A – Z. I think it’s imperative. I would definitely recommend a business coach & Luke. For any person starting a business, or who is in business, but also if you are a GM, MD, CEO, CFO or an entrepreneur just to put the structures in place, these are the things most of us need help with. Coaching for me is a 100% must.

Guido Wessels,

Businesses WE Improved Globally