Beyond Borders: The Strategic Leap of 4 Leaf Performance into Dublin’s Innovation Ecosystem

The year 2023 wasn’t just any year for 4 Leaf Performance. Under the dynamic leadership of Des Ryan, the company made a monumental decision to broaden its horizons and step into the thriving technological heart of Europe – Dublin, Ireland. Renowned as an epicenter of innovation and often referred to as the “Silicon Docks,” Dublin was no longer just a city on the map; it was a beacon of opportunities waiting to be explored.

For many companies, expansion into a new region is a play for increased profits or a larger customer base. But for Des Ryan and 4 Leaf Performance, Dublin was not merely a new market to tap into. It represented a commitment to their guiding principle of ‘Contribute.’ In Des’s visionary eyes, Dublin wasn’t just a city; it was an influential platform that held the promise of catalyzing the company’s growth.

What set Des apart was his unwavering belief in the power of trust. In a world driven by fleeting interactions and transactional relationships, Des sought to ground business interactions in genuine trust. This ethos seamlessly dovetailed with 4 Leaf Performance’s core values and found resonance in Dublin’s rich cultural fabric. Add to that the city’s burgeoning economic ecosystem, buoyed by a talented workforce and forward-thinking business regulations, and it became evident that 4 Leaf Performance’s entry into Dublin was more than just a move; it was a masterstroke.

However, their foray into Dublin was far from being a mere geographical milestone. It represented a meticulously thought-out strategic decision. It was a testament to Des’s leadership and foresight, marking a resolute commitment to not only grow 4 Leaf Performance’s footprint but also to enrich and elevate Dublin’s business community. At its heart, this expansion was rooted in a philosophy that valued long-term collaborations over transient successes.

This audacious move by 4 Leaf Performance into Dublin is, without a doubt, a landmark moment in the company’s illustrious history. It exemplifies the perfect alignment of Des’s innovative vision with the vast potential nestled within Dublin’s innovative ecosystem. As 4 Leaf Performance embeds itself in the Dublin landscape, its emphasis on ‘Contribute’ continues to reverberate, mirroring its unwavering ambition to create a transformative imprint in the world of business and innovation.




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Certified WHY.os Practitioner: Ireland

I believe success happens when I Contribute to the success of others, or a cause greater than my own so my career as a business coach allows me to impact the lives of other business owners across the country. I achieve this by finding a Better Way to do things in their businesses, which can be a real challenge. Ultimately What I bring is a huge amount of trust to every relationship, which allows me to challenge the way things are done in an open and honest environment!

I am the only Certified Practitioner in Ireland by the WHY Institute, to take people through a WHY Discovery to find out exactly WHY they do what they do! When your WHY or your Purpose is Powerful – Your How and WHAT are easy!

I have an MBA in Retailing and a Diploma in Executive Coaching with Neuroscience! I’ve spent over 35 years in retail, starting my working career under the direction of the one and only Fergal Quinn and Superquinn, working I my way up to a manager in the business, and managing stores with annual revenues exceeding €30 million. I have also been involved in franchising with The Bear Factory, with 5 stores operating in Ireland, as well as an owner of a Hair and Beauty business with my wife Roseann before starting my career in business coaching in 2017.


“I believe that success happens when I contribute to a greater cause.”

HOW: Better Way

“HOW I do that is by finding better ways and sharing them.”

WHAT: Trust

“Ultimately WHAT I bring is a trusting relationship where others can count on me.”

Natural Style: SIc

Tend to be friendly, upbeat, and warm-hearted. They enjoy collaboration and go out of their way to make others feel comfortable and included. Si-style people are always ready to offer support. They value harmony, preferring calm environments where everyone is getting along.

Adapted Style: CIS

Des’ unique genius: He is convincing and strives to achieve high-quality results! He is articulate, creative, organized, believable and conscientious. They are a unique blend of creative and critical. They seek the company of others, and strive for perfection! They are convincing, well-researched public speakers, and they are imaginative and creative analysts.


Ever wondered about the driving force behind your actions? WHY.OS is your answer.

As a leading business coach in Ireland, we offer tools that delve deep into understanding your WHY. Unearth the motivations that shape your decisions and influence how you present yourself to the world. It's time to embark on a transformative journey of self-awareness and personal growth.

Ready to redefine your purpose and elevate your business strategies? Dive into your WHY discovery with the expertise of 4 Leaf Performance, the trusted business coach in Ireland!

I am ready to Discover my WHY.OS

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Feeling lost in the hustle without knowing your true 'why'?

Listen in to a heartfelt conversation with 4 Leaf Performance Owner and Coach Andrew Lamb and Tyler Downing, where they tackle the crucial journey of discovering your 'why'. Tyler opens up about the transformative power of this discovery, guiding him through the complexities of leadership and personal growth.



Are you seeking clarity and direction in your personal and professional life?

Join us for a compelling discovery call within the WHY.os framework, where Donald Reynolds, accompanied by 4 Leaf Performance Owner and Coach Andrew Lamb, tackles the profound journey of uncovering his 'why'. This session is more than just a conversation; it's an insightful exploration into the power of purpose and its impact on our lives.

Des is genuinely dedicated to my success and goes above and beyond to provide support, encouragement, and accountability.

Des demonstrates a deep understanding of business strategies, marketing techniques, and effective leadership principles. His extensive knowledge and experience in these areas are evident in the practical and customised advice he provides.
He is not only helping me to improve my business operations but also empowering me to become a more effective leader and decision-maker.
I wholehearted recommend Des Ryan to any individual or business seeking to enhance their performance, overcome obstacles, and achieve results.
His expertise, professionalism and genuine passion for helping others is truly commendable.
Working with Des is an invaluable investment in my personal and professional development and I am grateful for the positive impact he is having on my business.

Gerry McNeill,
Kangen Water

Before speaking to Des, I felt like I was going down the road of business blindfolded, thinking the reason why I’m in business is because I’m good at what I do and so I can put food on my family’s table. Wrong!

Des’s approach brought tangible, actionable strategy that has provided valuable insight and has been a revelation for me. He greatly helped me understand my own self, my own personality and how I can utilize that to build my businesses and help my customers.

Thy WHY discovery is not just another personality or aptitude test. It’s the one that actually makes perfect sense and that immediately clicked with me as I was going through the results with Des.

If you haven’t already, please please pretty please with a cherry on top, take up Des on the same offer because it’s worth so much more than what he’s selling it for, even the full price. And go through me so I can log it as a referral.

Jack Ascic,

I previously attended a business mentoring program delivered by Des and found it benefitted me both professionally and personally.

Des’s coaching helped bring my business to the next level and we’ve gone from strength to strength since then.

Recently I signed up to another coaching program with Des and as usual it’s up to his usual excellent standard. I heartily and highly recommend Des Ryan of GPA for any business owner or manager looking to get a better understanding of how best to manage their business and take it to the next level.

Willie Keague,
Managing Director at Nationwide Safety Training


Des has been amazing. 

Since starting my coaching sessions I have learned so much about myself, my business and what we need to do to take the business to the next level. Setting out goals really gives me the motivation to achieve these goals.

M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd


Businesses WE Improved Globally