Business Coaching Insights: The Power of ‘Why’ in Leadership and Communication

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Have you ever stopped to wonder why you do what you do in your business? It’s a question that often gets lost in the hustle of day-to-day tasks, yet it holds the key to profound growth and deeper connections, both professionally and personally. Delving into our business coaching foundational ‘why’ is not just about ticking off goals; it’s an alignment of our actions with our core values and beliefs, transforming our work into something far more meaningful and impactful.

Andrew Lamb and Des Ryan, 4 Leaf Performance’s business coaches, share a conversation laden with real-world experiences and insights on the significant impact of understanding one’s ‘why’ in the business landscape. They offer an enlightening narrative for entrepreneurs and business leaders, spotlighting the path to more effective leadership, cohesive teams, and resonant business strategies.

Business Coaching Insights: Revolutionize Your Business Strategy with WHY.OS

Join Andrew Lamb and Des Ryan, seasoned business coaches, as they discuss the profound impact of the WHY.OS. Understanding your ‘why’ and living your purpose can dramatically revolutionize your business strategy, propelling growth and enabling everyone in your team to gain a deeper understanding of their roles and what they can offer the people around them.

Their insights provide invaluable guidance for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and newcomers to the workforce seeking clarity and direction. Through this exploration, you will come to know yourself better and gain the language to communicate who you are to those around you.

Discovering the ‘Why’: Andrew Lamb and Des Ryan’s Personal Insights

At the heart of every great leader is a fundamental question: “Why do I do what I do?” For Andrew Lamb and Des Ryan of 4 Leaf Performance, this question isn’t just a philosophical musing; it’s the cornerstone of their approach to coaching and leadership.

Andrew Lamb’s ‘why’ is rooted in innovation and sharing knowledge. He says, “My ‘why’ is, I believe there’s a better way to do things and share them with others.” This belief isn’t static; it’s dynamic, evolving through the implementation of effective processes and procedures. “How I do that is through using processes and procedures that give us results. And what I deliver to the world is contribution. I add value in all of the things that I do.” It’s clear that for Andrew, contribution and value-addition are not just concepts but tangible outcomes of his work philosophy.

Des Ryan echoes this sentiment of contribution but with a distinct focus on supporting others. “My ‘why’ is to contribute,” he explains. “For me, I believe that success happens when I support other people to achieve their goals, so their causes rather than my own cause.” His approach to ‘how’ involves constantly seeking improvement and efficiency.

“My ‘how’ is a better way, so I always strive to find a better way for businesses to build better teams, to build better profitability, to build better systems and processes.” Des’s commitment to finding ‘a better way’ underscores a relentless pursuit of excellence, not just in business but in the very fabric of team-building and process optimization. 

“What I bring is a level of trust. Trust is very, very important to me and to the people I work with. And unless there’s a fit there, unless that trust works both ways, the coaching relationship just won’t work. So trust is very, very important. And that’s ultimately what I bring.”

The convergence of these perspectives at 4 Leaf Performance creates a powerful narrative. Both coaches, through their distinct ‘why’s, ‘how’s, and ‘what’s,  bring a richness and depth to the concept of leadership and business coaching success. Their shared commitment to finding ‘a better way’ and adding value illuminates the path for businesses and individuals alike, seeking to align their actions with deeper, more meaningful goals.

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Unveiling the Power of ‘Why’ in Business Dynamics

But is it really that important for business owners to understand their ‘why’? Why does knowing your ‘why’ matter? This is not just about identifying motivations; it’s a deeper exploration into how understanding your ‘why’ empowers clarity and purpose in your professional journey.

Andrew Lamb reflects on the joy of discovering and articulating this ‘why’. He observes, “I think it’s really fun to unlock and uncover what people’s true motivation is and how they do it. And even more important to give them the words, right? The ability to give them the words to use so that they can articulate who and what and how they do things. So it’s giving them the vernacular, it’s giving them those words that they can then express themselves easier.”

Des Ryan echoes this sentiment, highlighting the transformative power of words in expressing one’s ‘why’. “when you can suddenly start using words which make a lot of sense, then it just makes it so much easier to be able to explain to people why it is, what I do, and what I ultimately bring and how I do it.” he says. This is not just a matter of self-expression; it’s about making one’s purpose and approach understandable and relatable to others.

Delving deeper, Des emphasizes the proactive nature of this understanding. “When your ‘why’ is powerful, your ‘how’ is easy,” he states. He argues that one’s ‘why’ should not just be a fallback for challenging times, but a daily guide. “It should be used at least to drive growth and drive the business forward instead of getting out of a hole when suddenly you’ve lost your mojo and you’re not sure why you’re facing challenges and why stuff is going wrong. It should be used every day to motivate and set you up for a good day or a good week because you’re in tune with it. You’re aligned with what it is or how it is you can contribute best to people using your voice.” This perspective transforms the ‘why’ from a mere reflective tool into a constant source of motivation and direction.

In their business coaching conversation, Andrew and Des underscore that understanding and communicating our ‘why’ is an ongoing, dynamic process. It’s not a one-time statement but an integral part of our professional identity, continuously shaping our actions, decisions, and interactions. This regular engagement with our ‘why’ not only provides clarity and direction but also fosters a positive, purpose-driven approach in the complex world of business leadership.

Real-Life Impact: ‘Why’ in Action Across Businesses

Andrew recounts a personal experience, highlighting the challenges of communication when one’s ‘why’ is unclear. “I was in a phase where I needed to move on. I needed to move into another role. I couldn’t communicate what I wanted…I knew what I was doing and how I was doing it, but I couldn’t express why. And not having the words or the vernacular hindered me from communicating that. Whereas on the other side, they were like, ‘What do you want next?’ And if you can’t communicate it, then how the heck are they meant to understand where you want to go? So between the two parties, we couldn’t communicate. And that just led to frustration. It just led to feeling lost and not understanding where we’re going. And ultimately turned into exiting, which was a lose-lose for everybody at the end of the day. So I think understanding that [your ‘why’] is really, really powerful for individuals.”

Des Ryan brings to the table diverse examples, showcasing how clarity in one’s ‘why’ can lead to profound insights and alignment. He describes his business coaching work with two professionals from the same company who, despite their different roles, shared similar WHY.OS profiles.

“One was a senior partner in the business and one was someone who was more from an operational point of view, pulling together lots of programs and that type of stuff. But they had a very, very similar WHY.OS. Both of them had the ‘why’ of ‘make sense’. Both of them had the ‘how’ of mastery. But his was ‘challenge’ and hers was ‘clarify’. And when I went through their discoveries with them, one of the things, like, it was amazing. She just said, ‘Oh my God, you got me. This is absolutely me.’ She said, ‘I’ve done lots of these profiles and assessments in the past, but my God, this really, really got me.’”

“And it was the part around what she brings and how it’s what she brings, which was different. Because the managing partner used to challenge quite openly, ‘Let’s try this, let’s do this, how can we do this, how can we do that?’ And thinking outside the box. And her job was to take all that in and to make it into manageable, understandable pieces and to clarify stuff, and it was just incredibly powerful to kind of get that understanding from someone.” Des explains. The realization of their ‘why’ brought significant understanding to their roles, enabling them to perform more effectively and cohesively.

Andrew also shares a powerful example of a business coaching client who used her ‘why’ as a guiding principle. “Everything was out of kilter for her. And we went straight back to the ‘why’; I’m like, ‘So, have you looked at your ‘why’ with regards to this?’ And she’s like, ‘Oh, I’m glad you brought that up because I just feel unbalanced.’ And you’re just bringing that up.’”

“I said, ‘Great, let’s bring that up. Let’s have a look at the information that you have.’ And she went in, and she brought up her ‘why’, which they all have. I went, ‘So, what’s the problem? Why are you experiencing what you’re experiencing? Let’s have a look at it from the ‘why’.’”

“And it literally dawned on her there and then where it was she was not living her ‘why’. She was outside of her ‘why’. She was struggling because she was being asked to do things that were not congruent with her WHY.os And when we literally redirected back into that one, within days, or I would even say within hours, she was back on track, focused on what needed to be done, making sure that she was leading the charge with her ‘why’, and then making sure she was enabling the team because she needed to use some of the team’s ‘why’s to do some of the activities.”

These real-world scenarios shared by Andrew and Des demonstrate the practical impact of understanding one’s ‘why’. It’s not just a philosophical concept but a practical tool for clarity, effective communication, and strategic decision-making in various business contexts. By aligning actions with their ‘why’, individuals and teams can navigate complex business challenges more effectively, leading to more successful and fulfilling professional experiences.

The ‘Why’ Factor: Guiding the Next Generation into the Workforce

The influx of younger generations into the workforce also brings a new dimension to the business coaching conversation around ‘why’.

Andrew Lamb observes a distinct trend among younger team members. “Google age team members that are coming into organizations, one of the things that we’re finding is that those individuals don’t truly know who they are. They’ve been told who they are through the internet.”

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“They’ve been told by everybody that they’ve met on social, and everybody’s got an opinion, and things like that. What we’re finding is that a lot of the younger team members are lost. They don’t know who they are. They haven’t discovered truly who they are, because they’ve been wrapped up in the internet world and they’ve got a lot of opinions that are coming in. I mean thousands of opinions that come at them all day and being told how they should be.”

“But one of the challenges that those individuals have got is truly ‘who am I?’. And I think one of the things that we’ve done…is when you sit down with a younger team member that doesn’t have years of experience, when you truly unlock who they are, it is absolutely mind-changing and life-altering because they literally find out for the first time who they really are at their essence.”

Des Ryan adds to this discussion, pointing to the effects of the recent pandemic and the resulting isolation as factors exacerbating these challenges. “I think we’re going to find huge mental health difficulties over the next couple of years,” he predicts. “at what stage do people, young people, teenagers, really want to or really know what their ‘why’ is?…And at that stage, they are thinking of careers for themselves. So, yeah, you know, it could shape a career, it could help them avoid going into something that really doesn’t suit them at the end of the day.” He suggests that the late teenage years could be an opportune moment for this exploration. Understanding their ‘why’ could guide young people towards careers that align with their true selves, potentially preventing future dissatisfaction and misalignment in their professional lives.

It’s not just about finding a job or a career path but discovering an alignment between one’s inner values and external actions. For these young professionals, understanding their ‘why’ can be a guide through the complexities of modern work environments. It could help them to find their place in a world that often overwhelms with its multitude of voices and opinions.

Navigating Business Coaching Challenges with ‘Why’: Strategic Insights for Tough Times

The concept of ‘why’ can also be a crucial tool in navigating economic uncertainty and the challenges that come with it, offering insights into strategic decision-making and team management.

Andrew poses a critical question: “How would you use the ‘why’ from an executive position? How would you use the ‘why’ in looking at the business and then determining and you know maybe not just a spreadsheet but understanding from a wide perspective how would you use this tool in looking at your business and your organization in this type of economy?”

He suggests a more nuanced business coaching approach. “I would go and challenge the company’s ‘why’. So I’d actually look and relook at the company’s ‘why’. Where’s the company going? You know, what’s their ‘why’? What’s their purpose? How are they going to get there and what are they going to deliver? So I would look at the company’s ‘why’, what’s their mission? And then from there, then start looking at the team members, who in the team is going to help the organization achieve that purpose”

Des builds on this, highlighting the significance of having the right people in the right roles, especially during economic downturns. “It [the WHY.OS] is a tool which is available and powerful. And I think taking it, taking that approach would allow you to assess who you’ve got. And if you do need to make harsh decisions, then identify who are the people who are going to continue to serve the needs of the business and you as a business owner with the greatest impact.” he explains. Des advocates for using the WHY.os as a business coaching tool to understand team dynamics better, ensuring that each member is not only fit for their role but also aligned with the company’s overarching goals.”

Both business coaching experts agree that decisions based solely on data, such as those from spreadsheets, can be limited. “We always looked at, ‘Are they the right person?’ But to be perfectly frank, I don’t think we ever knew at the deepest level, like we can understand now, people’s purpose, their ‘why’, their ‘how’, and their ‘what’,” Andrew reflects. He believes that incorporating an understanding of each individual’s ‘why’ into decision-making processes could have altered past decisions.

Des Ryan concludes by asserting the value of someone’s WHY.os as an essential piece of data. “It’s just more information to help you make the right decision,” he says. While acknowledging that tough decisions, like layoffs, are part of leadership, he emphasizes that understanding the ‘Why’, ‘How’, and ‘What’ of team members can lead to more informed and effective choices.

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Embracing Your ‘Why’: The Pathway to Empowered Leadership

Far from being just an introspective exercise, recognizing our ‘why’ emerges as a potent tool that can profoundly reshape our approach to business and leadership.

Andrew Lamb eloquently captures the crux of our exploration. “There’s nothing more fundamental than why do you do what you do. I mean, it is the essence of who you are, right?” he asserts. His insight points to the fundamental nature of ‘why’ as the core of our identity, both personally and professionally. “So if you’re not working on your fundamentals and you don’t understand your fundamentals and you’re not using your fundamentals, then no wonder we’re getting exhausted and we’re mentally and physically tired because we’re living outside of our ‘why’ instead of leaning into it,” Andrew explains. This observation highlights a crucial truth: aligning with our ‘why’ is not just beneficial but essential for sustainable success and well-being.

The power of knowing and living our ‘why’ permeates every layer of business and leadership. It transforms strategies, making them more authentic and aligned with our core values. It cultivates trust and empathy within organizational cultures, enhancing communication and collaboration. A clear and well-defined ‘why’ not only guides decision-making and sparks innovation but also ensures that our actions resonate deeply with our fundamental beliefs and purposes.

Moreover, the strength of understanding our ‘why’ lies in its capacity to infuse our business endeavors and leadership roles with a sense of intentionality and significance. This knowledge isn’t just about achieving goals or reaching milestones; it’s about creating a legacy that’s rich in value and impact. It’s a journey of self-discovery that every business leader, entrepreneur, and individual should embark on, a journey that lights the way to fulfillment, success, and, most importantly, a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s role in the business world.

Unlock Your Potential Through 4 Leaf Performance’s Business Coaching: WHY.OS

Now it’s your turn to embark on a transformative journey with your ‘why’. 4 Leaf Performance invites you to explore our WHY.OS program — a unique business coaching opportunity designed to help you uncover the core of your motivations, the essence of your actions, and the impact you are destined to make.

Whether you’re a business leader seeking to foster a more cohesive and purpose-driven team, an entrepreneur striving for alignment between your values and your venture, or a young professional stepping into the workforce, understanding your ‘why’ is a crucial step towards true empowerment and success.

Our WHY.OS program is more than just a tool; it’s a gateway to self-discovery and strategic clarity. With our expert guidance, you will not only identify your ‘why’ but also learn how to bring it to life in every aspect of your professional journey.

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